Brokis novelties

May 16, 2023

We are thrilled, that we can introduce you details of our novelties for this year.

Bamboo forest

Bamboo Forest by designer Fumie Shibata draws inspiration from the vertical contours rising up in stands of bamboo. Conceived to evoke a unique atmospheric ambience, the handsculpted glass forms a bamboo stalk complete with the typical nodal ring, where the material thickens, creating a soft accent in the form of subtle shadows.


Trottola is a new collection of suspension and table lights designed by Federico Peri. The shape elicit memories of a popular childhood toy – the spinning top. The aesthetics of the design are carried on an enchanting luminance that passes through an opal diffusor and handmade glass to reveal a playful contrast of shadows and light.


Elo, an innovative new suspension light by designer Filippo Mambretti combining the distinctive textures of BROKISGLASS with elegant aluminium framing. Elo comprises three articulated arches, the outer two of which can be locked in different attitudes.