Janštejn Glassworks nominated for Czech Grand Design award for BROKISGLASS

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Fragments by Lucie Koldova, photo: Martin Chum

It’s our pleasure to announce that Janštejn Glassworks in collaboration with Brokis has been nominated for a Czech Grand Design award for its innovative material BROKISGLASS.

The Czech Grand Design awards are a prestigious annual industry recognition given by the Czech Academy of Design. The awards go to individuals for the best work in the design, fashion, photography, jewellery, and graphic design industries and are presented during a gala evening broadcast live by Czech Television (24th March 8:20 PM).

A total of eighty-four artists have been nominated in eight categories, but only one will walk away with the top prize – Grand Designer 2019 – which last year went to our very own art director Lucie Koldova. The nominations offer a cross section of the best products of the previous year, including furniture, toys, home furnishings, and even a typeface and an interactive textbook for tablets.

Among the nominated designers is Brokis art director Lucie Koldova, and other our designers Boris Klimek and Lenka Damová, and the architecture product studio Vrtiška & Žák. Crossed fingers!



The innovative and ecological practices of the Brokis brand have led to the creation of BROKISGLASS, an entirely new and highly versatile material made of recycled glass shards. It brings a new dimension and aesthetic to glass and its application in architecture and construction as well as to interior and product design. Because BROKISGLASS panels comprise derivatives of glass leftover from the production of the Brokis premium lighting collections, they represent an ecological and efficient method of recycling glass shards.

The technology was developed in the Czech Republic at the Janštejn Glassworks, where the exclusive handblown glass lighting collections of the Brokis brand are crafted.

By manufacturing BROKISGLASS, the glassworks create a strategic circular economy that helps maintain a healthy relationship between nature and human society.