You are currently viewing MAISON&OBJET 2019 – PARIS IN A NEW LIGHT TOO

MAISON&OBJET Paris: September 6–10, 2019

Beginning September 6, visitors to MAISON&OBJET Paris can enjoy the exhibit of the Czech company Brokis,
which specialises in the creation of designer lighting collections. In doing so, they’ll get to experience an
unparalleled combination of exclusive design, outstanding quality, and the remarkable craftsmanship of
master Bohemian glassblowers. The original Brokis lighting collections, which are conceived by renowned
Czech and foreign designers, will be on display in Hall 6 – Stand M38 / 037 and will include not only the brand’s
iconic products but also new ones for 2019.

The unique lighting display is based on the concept known as ‘BROKIS IN A NEW LIGHT’, which first debuted at
Euroluce 2019 in Milan. Now, guests will be treated to a pairing of exhibited collections and the unconventional
design concept of the stand itself.

One of the important new products on display this year is AWA, a collection of breath-taking suspensions lights
created by Japanese designer Fumie Shibata.
‘In Japanese, the word ‘awa’ is used to describe a ball of air wrapped in liquid. This design was inspired by the
idea of creating lights to resemble soft glass that has retained its shape after being inflated. I hope it gives the
impression of seeing a ball of air floating when you look up. Another unique characteristic of the design is that
its wood and metal parts appear to be made of glass also, as if they were corks holding the air inside.’

Also new for 2019 is a lighting collection by Brokis art director Lucie Koldova called IVY.
‘Nature and its life-giving beauty and strength serve as the model for a unique lighting concept called IVY. Just
as the plant grows and climbs up the walls of a house, creating multiple images, IVY offers a special system of
modular components, thanks to which it can be used to achieve a highly innovative take on decorative lighting
in both vertical and horizontal compositions. The collection features three sizes in opal or smoke glass.
Variable, elegant, and precise in workmanship all the way down to the smallest detail, IVY is a high-tech
lighting concept well suited to both commercial and residential applications. In intimate home settings, for
example, a single elegant branch can be used, or multiple branches can be joined together to create a curtain
of light. IVY has many forms and justly takes its place among artistic, so-called bespoke, lighting installations. ‘

At MAISON&OBJET, Brokis is presenting ten of its prestigious collections. Thanks to original compositions,
visitors to the exhibition will see these collections in an all-new light.