Online configurators for the new Starcloud and Ivy Single collections

April 30, 2024

Let’s explore the online configurator for our new STARCLOUD collection. We’re constantly testing and developing innovative solutions for our collections, and we work very hard make sure the interface of the BROKIS website is as user friendly as possible.

Thanks to our innovative configurator, which you can find directly on our website, ordering lighting compositions and different variants of collections is easier and more accessible.

Starcloud configurator

Ivy Single configurator

The intuitively engineered interface of the configurator guides users through the entire process of creating their own unique lighting composition, from defining the colours and shapes of individual lights, to arranging them in a given space.

As you develop your ideas in the configurator, you can make use of predefined compositions, or you can arrange the lights according to your own unique design.

Using the configurator speeds up overall communication, because we have complete information immediately after the first contact. Once you log into the MyBrokis platform, automatic synchronization with the configurator means you’ll see the anticipated price of the configured set of lights and can then immediately submit your inquiry.

Soon we’ll be informing you about additional configurators currently in development for the following collections from our extensive portfolio: PURO, IVY VERTICAL, and IVY HORIZONTAL.