Sustainable solutions

August 2, 2023
BROKIS believes in sustainable global growth in the common interest of all current and future stakeholders and is aware of the influence that its activity has on the economic and social development and general wellbeing of the community.

A symbiosis of nature and humankind.

In order to articulate our efforts and symbiosis with nature, BROKIS decided to create Sustainability Report, which provides everyone who cares about our planet with sufficient information on our company.


Glass is essential material, which is implemented into BROKIS collections. Glass waste is fully recycled, resulting in zero glass waste in the factory. The primary component of this recycling is BROKISGLASS, which arose from the ecological manufacturing practices of Janštejn Glassworks and BROKIS. This unique material is made of glass shards discarded during the manufacture of Janštejn Glassworks handblown glass lighting collections.


80% of the company’s suppliers are located within a 120-kilometre radius, and all BROKIS products are assembled in Janštejn (CZ), where the company operates its own glassworks. This allows BROKIS to use a remarkably short production chain, whose sustainable management relies on lasting relationships built on mutual trust and respect between the company and its suppliers.

BROKIS offers replacements for 100% of its product components.


BROKIS is constantly developing new technological solutions for its collections based on the principles of sustainability and ecology. The factory is being expanded with facilities that will help the entire group achieve greater effciency in manufacturing and related processes.

Sustainability is related to the heritage of design and the knowhow that brings it to life.