Product registration

BROKIS is introducing a new certificate of authenticity and product registration.

The certificate gives owners the opportunity to register their original BROKIS lights and partake in a BROKIS membership programme, which offers a number of marketing benefits. Primarily, however, the certificate verifies the authenticity of the product, and because members enjoy priority status, the handling of any product claims is faster and easier.

We trust that you will find this new option useful and will register your lights.

Registration takes less than three minutes.


Products can be registered in one of the following two ways:


  1. On the back of the certificate of authenticity, which can be found in the black envelope packaged with each BROKIS light, there’s a unique QR code that will take you to to register your product. This method is faster and easier, because the QR code contains the unique code for the given light (ICSCO), so some of the information is already filled in.

  2. The other option is via the main BROKIS website (link) and a special product registration page at, where you can manually enter the product information on the certificate.