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The timeless Muffins collection represents an extraordinary lighting experience. Since its market debut, it has taken on an iconic status and become a symbol of the BROKIS brand. The sublimity of the design lies in the masterful combination of delicately contoured glass and solid wood. The lights, featuring a bllowing glass shade set in a handcrafted wood base together with a naked filament bulb, breathe new life into any space and elicit a festive ambience. The collection offers multiple shape and size variants as well as a broad palette of glass colours and woods.


To celebrate ten years since the introduction of Muffins, a special anniversary edition was created in 2020. For the special edition MUFFINS 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY, the brand has chosen singular materials, combining marble and different colours of glass to underline the exceptional design of this timeless collection.

Each component of these handmade lights is given the utmost attention, and great care is taken in the selection of high-quality and environmentally friendly materials.

Rare satinated rosso francia marble, which was used in the eighteenth century in the construction of churches and important buildings, provides an interesting backdrop with elegant arabesque and white and grey veins.

Satinated grigio talami marble from Southern Italy, used for more than a thousand years in palaces and churches, stands out with its calcite colouration and varyingly dark tones.

In combination with precision multilayer glass crafted thanks to centuries of tradition and the experience of master glassblowers, these sublime materials are a fitting complement to the essence of the special edition. The special edition applies to Muffins 01 (PC849) and Muffins 02 (PC850) only.


Villa Anzére
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pendant, table, floor
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Muffins Candleholder