Boris Klimek a Lenka Damová

Geometric accentuates the aesthetic expression and structure of BROKISGLASS, which itself is remarkably distinctive. The collection is defined by basic geometric shapes that characterize the overall contours of the lights and instil them with a singular graphic element to achieve a striking contrast with the animate, almost sculptural makeup of the glass. The suspension components make up the glass geometric shapes, their edges rendered in black profiles. The circular and oval lights work well as solitary pieces, and multiples can also be arranged in a sort of jigsaw puzzle, which in the hands of architects results in an endless variety of lighting combinations.

The concept surpasses its primary function as a lighting fixture and opens the door to large-format blocks of light and other uncommon compositions. For even more expressive freedom and a truly bespoke lighting experience, clients can specify a different colour of glass in each of the two sections of a light. Resting against a sturdy cylindrical base, the Geometric Table elicits a subtle aesthetic tension that amplifies the overall visual experience.


Brokis_GEOMETRIC LIGHT_PC1144_PC1141__PH6925_©_Thomas_de_Bruyne
G4 AGENCY Showroom
Brokis_IVY SINGLE_KNOT_PC1215_PC1216_PC1217_PC1078__PH5463_©_Suprema
Brokis virtual villa
Brokis_DOME NOMAD_PC1266_PC1265__PH7489_©_Martin_Chum
BROKIS photoshoot in Kojetín