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PR Kit access
I declare that I have reviewed the rules governing the use of materials from the PR Kit and I undertake to adhere to them and to use the materials in accordance with defined methods. Should the materials be disseminated to third parties, I shall bear responsibility for ensuring that such parties review the rules governing the use of the materials and adhere to them. Furthermore, I shall inform Brokis of any misuse of these materials or breach of the rules governing their use. I shall be held liable for any damage arising from a breach of this declaration.

I duly note that the materials contained in the PR Kit may be used, in digital and print form, for the purpose of promoting Brokis products. In disseminating the materials and using them for my own needs, I will always provide the copyright for each item.

Consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes
I grant consent to the use of my email address for marketing purposes of the company Brokis and duly note that information about my rights relating to the processing of personal data is available at