As with all products, BROKIS lights require periodic cleaning. Dust, grease, and film affect the visual quality of any item made of glass.

It is in the interest of the user to maintain the singular appearance of the lights.

This can only be achieved through regular cleaning. When neglected, the cleaning process becomes unnecessarily time consuming. The cleaning interval depends on the environment the lights are installed in and is primarily influenced by humidity levels, temperature stability, and the amount of dust in the air.

BROKIS applies the highest possible quality standards in manufacturing its lights.

Prior to shipping, each light undergoes several quality controls and stages of cleaning. Lights may require additional cleaning as a result of transportation, storage, and the amount of time that passes between packing and subsequent unpacking by the client. Therefore, we recommend cleaning the lights prior to installation.


When cleaning lights from any of our collections, we recommend first disassembling them according to the instructions in the installation manual and then securing the glass components against mechanical damage. 

The glass must first be rinsed in hot water and a dilution of dish detergent to remove all foreign particles and dust. Repeat this process if necessary. The glass must then be cleaned a second time using hot water and a dilution of degreaser (such as ammonia or vinegar) and thoroughly rinsed under running hot water. Repeat this process if necessary. Next, dry the glass thoroughly with a paper or a soft cotton towel. Only reassemble the light once the glass has cooled completely. 

Do not use mineral spirits, highly concentrated thinners, or other substances not intended for use on glass surfaces. Do not use products containing silicone, since they quickly attract more dust and grease.