Brokis art director Lucie Koldova is an acclaimed Czech product and furniture designer. Her collaboration with the brand began in 2010 with the timeless Muffins and Balloons lighting collections, which she designed while living and working in Paris. The voluminous glass lights embody her charismatic, elegant style and quickly established Brokis as an innovative producer of handblown glass lighting. She is the creative force behind the brand and is instrumental in shaping its product portfolio and image.

Her creations, objects of desire, include glass sculptures, glass lighting, poetic gallery pieces, and limited-series works. Breathtaking colours, unusual proportions, and vibrant formal contrasts seemingly move her work beyond the realm of the possible, a trademark at once apparent in lighting collections such as Balloons, Capsula, Whistle, and Mona. In addition to developing ever-more novel and exciting motifs, Lucie Koldova has introduced important technological and formal solutions that have enabled Brokis to push the limits of handblown glass production.  

For Brokis, Lucie designed MUFFINS (with Dan Yeffet), BALLOONS (with Dan Yeffet), SHADOWS (with Dan Yeffet), MONA, WHISTLE, FLUTESLIGHTLINE, PURO and MACARON collection.


Dan Yeffet, (born 1971 in Jerusalem,) is a globally recognized designer. In Amsterdam in 2003, Dan founded his own design studio and platform called JellyLab. In 2005, he moved the studio to its present location in Paris. His work is often described as innovative yet simple and is characteristic of a strong identity. Dan says of himself: “Definitions are our limits – I like to consider myself an explorer and adventurer.” For Brokis, Dan designed the lighting collections MUFFINS (with Lucie Koldova), BALLOONS (with Lucie Koldova), and SHADOWS (with Lucie Koldova).


Boris Klimek (born 1984) is an esteemed Slovak product designer who has received numerous distinguished awards for his work. Boris works in Prague, where he focuses on product and interior design. In his works, he looks for conceptual overlaps, games, and stories. His products are functional as well as highly poetic, playful, and capable of stimulating both emotion and the imagination. For Brokis, Boris designed the lighting collections MEMORY and NIGHT BIRDS.


A passion for objects intended as industrial products is the glue of the professional partnership between Alfredo Chiaramonte and Marco Marin, promoting partners of the homonymous Designstudio. The different activities experienced through the years (interiors, graphics, industrial, and lighting design) have produced a diverse knowledge enriched with ideas of development from many fields.

Alfredo Chiaramonte (born 1961, Bologna, Italy) studied at the Faculty of Architecture of Venice. Marco Marin (born 1964, Venice, Italy) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts specializing in industrial design. Together, they have worked for well-known furniture and lighting companies and taught at the European Center for Preservation of Architectural Heritage in Venice. They have received many awards, and their works have been exhibited in the permanent collections of international museums, such as the Museo Correr in Venice, the Beaubourg in Paris, the Design Museum of Calenzano (Anna Querci Fondation), the Moma in San Francisco, and the Venice Biennale, where, incidentally, they collaborated with Yoko Ono. For Brokis, Chiaramonte Marin designed the KNOT collection.


Established Design Studio S after graduating from the Musashino Art University and working at a major electronics manufacturer.Currently engaging in projects regarding the creative direction of electronics products, basic necessities, medical equipment, and hotels with manufacturers inside and outside of Japan.Winner of the iF Gold Award , Red Dot Design Award, Mainichi Design prize, Good Design Gold Award, and the Design for Asia Grand Award, Special Award for Culture, and Gold Award, among others.Professor at Musashino Art University and chairperson for the 2018-2019 Good Design Award Judging Committee. Author of “Forms within Forms.

For Brokis, Fumie designed AWA collection.

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