Jack O'Lantern


Lucie Koldova

Light as a jewel of the home. A functional object in aesthetic elation, a sentinel of the evening and the night. The subtle levitating metal frame bears tidings of the way and a luminous pearl in the form of a handblown matte sphere. With inspiration taken from the carved pumpkin, Lucie Koldova’s concept shows the way and becomes a building block in the house of light, beckoning passers-by to enter.  This subtle and geometrically balanced light offers a wide variety of combinations. It can be hung separately or in vertical lighting arrangements. In addition to the suspension variant, there is also a wall composition comprising five frames joined in a single module for up to five glass spheres, which rely on nothing more than gravity to stay in place.Sizes and versions: Wall (Small), Pendent and Table (Small and Large). 

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Jack O'Lantern Small
pendant, table, wall