Lucie Koldova

The Mona family is based on the concept of penetrating forms. The light source boldly traverses the ample volume of smooth handblown glass to reveal the thrilling tension inherent in the design. The collection’s essence, however, lies in its unconventional construction and refined combination of materials.The entire Mona family has been technologically improved with innovative connectors and the replacement of the wood components with metal ones. These improvements make it easier to change out the light source and clean the lights. The wall variant is dimmable via an integrated dimmer in the lower part of the metal fixture, and the table variant offers touch dimming.

The family comprises several sizes (S, M, L, XL) and various types of lights (pendant, floor, table, wall).

Product types
2D / 3D


Brokis_MONA MEDIUM_PC979__PH8985_©_
By the sea
Brokis_MONA MEDIUM_PC979__PH3019_©_Fotomohito
Project Rivus

Family collections

Brokis_MONA SMALL_PC950__PH921_©_Martin_Chum
Mona Small
table, wall
Brokis_MONA LARGE_PC938__PH1437_©_Martin_Chum
Mona Large
pendant, floor
Brokis_MONA XL_PC1030__PH912_©_Martin_Chum
Mona XL