Ceiling canopies

As BROKIS continues to develop new technologies for its lights and consistently deliver unsurpassed quality and innovation throughout its global product portfolio, various sets of BROKIS lights are created featuring atypical ceiling canopies. These sets are prepared by designers and provide clients with ready-made lighting compositions suitable for both interior and exterior installation.

The majority of BROKIS collections offer several types of lights in various sizes. This variability opens a wide range of possibilities for creating unique indoor and outdoor lighting compositions. Some of the collections lend themselves to combination with others, as you can see in this composition using a special ceiling canopy together with BROKIS connectors, which simplify installation.

BROKIS offers special ceiling canopies for all of its collections. Among their advantages are:

– variants for angled ceilings

– selection of RAL colour options

– various shapes per customer requirements

– attractive concealment of electronics and wiring

– selection of ready-made atypical sets in BROKIS database

– bespoke lighting compositions with matching ceiling canopy per customer requirements

– simplified preparation for installation in locations with a single electrical cable; no need to add additional cables or cut into the ceiling; savings of time and money


If you’re interested in an atypical composition, we’ll be happy to design one for you, or you can choose from a selection of compositions designed previously for other projects. See the library of existing atypical compositions at www.mybrokis.cz in the section entitled Order Composition. You can also contact our sales department or our sales representative for your country.