Battery-powered collections

November 28, 2023

BROKIS is constantly developing new solutions, including four collections of battery-powered lights introduced in 2021. Come and explore the beauty of these portable collections with us.

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Dome nomad

Dome Nomad is an outdoor light made of handblown glass with the option of a smooth or unique corrugated design, whose dome shape represents eternity and the vastness of the firmament. The light can be moved to the floor, table, or other furniture and is a design experience that adds charm to both interior and outdoor spaces.
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Sfera Portable

Sfera Portable is based on the idea of a small ball of light perched on an enlarged shape of a concrete polygon containing 60% upcycled residual shards and glass dust from Janštejn Glassworks. The light is charged using a USB-C inductive connector. Sfera Portable is a stylish light and atmospheric accessory well suited not only to outdoor spaces but also interiors.
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Knot battery

The collection of popular Knot interior lights has been expanded with the Knot Battery version. This is a sophisticated light that can shines at maximum power for up to 4.5 hours without being plugged in. It flexibly improves exterior lighting and also allows intimate lighting of interior spaces.

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Ivy Battery

With its elegant portable form, Ivy Battery is an attractive addition to the extensive Ivy family, which includes a wide range of pendent, table, and floor lights. Thanks to its adaptability, Ivy Battery opens the door to unlimited possibilities for lighting scenarios and environments that can freely transform in step with the changing space. The light can be charged using a USB-C cable or via wireless induction.