Brokis in 2021

As in 2020 despite the global pandemic, for 2021 Brokis has decided to continue investing heavily in the creation of new lighting collections, the development of new technologies, and a comprehensive overhaul of its online presence. 

Brokis rounded out the previous year with the launch of a new online platform called THE LIGHT EXPERIENCE, BROKIS VIRTUAL VILLA, which has already welcomed several thousand visitors: 

Introducing a special online space created to underscore the singularity of each of our lighting compositions – an exclusive virtual villa that showcases our collections in various interior settings designed to evoke a wide range of atmospheres.  

NEW LIGHTS and a refresh of existing ones  

This year, Brokis will be introducing more than ten new lights, among which are the brand’s very first battery-powered lights. Thanks to their handy portability, these new cordless lights will make it very easy to add that special ambience to any interior or outdoor space, such as your garden, balcony, or terrace.    

While we can’t give away many details just yet, we can reveal that the new battery power supplies will be appearing in lights by BROKIS art director, Lucie Koldova, as well as in a light by Chiaramonte Marin, among others. 

We believe the new battery-powered lights will make a successful addition to our portfolio and quickly be recognized as a welcomed innovation in a number of our collections.   

For 2021, Lucie Koldova has prepared a new floor light in the popular PURO collection called PURO FLOOR. This new addition will make the PURO range more complete and expand the number of possible applications. 

Lucie is also preparing some entirely new lights, which we’ll be unveiling this September. We’d like to introduce them and many others at Salone del Mobile 2021 in Milan, Italy, but everything depends on how the pandemic situation develops.

Also this year, the award-winning BONBORI collection by designer Fumie Shibata is being expanded with a new  BONBORI WALL variant engineered for both indoor and outdoor use. 

PLANETS by studio Vrtiška & Žák is getting a new look with the addition of brass and smoke brown matte glass. 

Another important new product has been prepared by studio Chiaramonte Marin, who following the success of KNOTS are now introducing a collection called ST. DOME, which we’ll also be unveiling this September.  


Another product refresh being planned for 2021 is a new table light in the Geometric collection by Boris Klimek and Lenka Damova. We’re very pleased by the amount of positive feedback Geometric has received on both its appearance and its minimal impact on the environment thanks to the use of the innovative material BROKISGLASS

BROKISGLASS is a product of the sustainable manufacturing practices of Janštejn Glassworks and Brokis, whose close collaboration has given rise to a unique new material made of waste glass shards. BROKISLGASS adds an exciting new dimension and aesthetic to glass.

Made from shards of glass discarded during the manufacture of Brokis handblown glass lighting collections, BROKISGLASS has brought about a significant reduction in waste material. The transformation of these shards into a new decorative product represents a sustainable and efficient upcycling of material, thanks to which the glassworks is able to employ a strategic circular economy and thus contribute to the creation of a healthy relationship between nature and humans.

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We kicked off the year 2020 with the introduction of a special edition of the Muffins collection by Lucie Koldova and Dan Yeffet in celebration of its 10th anniversary. Because the special edition has proven very popular, we’ve decided to continue selling it in the current year.   

Don’t miss this remarkable example of Bohemian glass artisanry combined with elegant high-gloss wood or elegant marble. Beginning 01 JAN 2021, however, these lights will no longer be available in the exotic rosewood and wenge woods. Despite this, we trust you will continue to enjoy this unique collection. 

Together with the special anniversary edition, sales of the very popular Muffins Candleholder will also continue in 2021.   

The 2021 refreshes are being implemented not only in our lighting collections but also in our online platforms and print materials. Brokis remains loyal to its beloved print catalogue, which this time will feature a completely revamped graphic identity.   

We also want to support our sales partners and help them organize special events where you can see our new products up close and in person, granted conditions and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic make it possible to hold such events safely.   

We’re constantly working on improving our customer service and have prepared a number of minor changes in the packaging of individual lights. Increased emphasis is now being put on the information we provide on installation, cleaning, and many other things, and we trust you’ll be pleased with these changes.   

As you can see, there really is a lot to look forward to. We wish everyone a successful 2021 together with lots of good health. We trust that we’ll finally meet in person in September at Salone del Mobile 2021 (or other special events) in complete safety and with smiles on our faces.