Brokis lights up Planets

Among the newest collections introduced by Brokis is PLANETS by Vrtiška & Žák. Brokis has thus expanded its collaborative efforts with yet another exceptional Czech design duo.   

The Planets collection is based on period lights and reflects the daily needs not only of customers but of architects and designers too. Thanks to a simple physical principle, the lights can be variably positioned in diverse arrangements. The use of weights and pulleys makes it possible to quickly adjust the height of the lights, a unique system that allows for several groupings to serve as individual sources of light in an interior, or as multiples of three different (or same) shapes to illuminate larger spaces. The counterweight is precisely calibrated to the specific weight of the light, so adjusting it is safe and easy.

A round LED panel and diffusor plate are situated beneath a shade of matte glass, which conceals the internal parts and thus preserves the silhouette of the light. The metal components also come in a matte finish and are combined with a textile cord for a uniform look. The colour scheme is always monochromatic to underline the graphic character of the lights, and the glass shades are rendered in elementary geometric shapes – sphere, cone, and capsule.