Brokis storyline – Villa in Stresa and Evian

May 14, 2024
BROKIS STORYLINE tells the tale of these magnificent homes and how light changes space and assumes different identities depending on the time of day, from pure design during the day to the enchanting atmosphere of twilight. The choice of locations was influenced by the variety of architectural styles in which we wanted to present our lights.


A house in Stresa was chosen as the third location, its architecture providing a remarkable contrast to the first location on Lake Como and opening new possibilities for creating a wholly unique atmosphere. Though situated near Italy’s Lake Maggiore, the house is not unlike those one might expect to find in Miami Beach, Beverly Hills, or even on the coast of the Sea of Japan. The colour palette for this location was cast in shades of white, which was also reflected in the choice of lights. Our collections simply completed the spaces of the location, where the architects worked with a palette of cream tones on the walls and in the furnishings.


The last in the series of homes telling the story of BROKIS lights is the Korten House, which can be found in Evian on Lake Geneva. This unique villa features metal cladding on the outside and wooden cladding on the inside. he house contrasts with the completely white house in Stresa, the wooden décor and the overall design evoking the atmosphere of the 1960s. Another contrast is found in the choice of lights, which for this location appeared in darker tones. One of the goals of the STORYLINE project was to show how BROKIS lights work in a variety of completely different situations. To present the lights in such a way that each of them can be used in both traditional and modern, contemporary interiors simply by changing the finish on the fixture, the colour of the glass, the type of metal, or simply the power cable.