Enter the light experience


Introducing a special online space created to underscore the singularity of each of our lighting compositions – an exclusive virtual villa that showcases our collections in realistic interior settings designed to evoke a wide range of emotions.

The Brokis Light Experience, a new virtual villa by Brokis, is a much-anticipated virtual reality project that was first conceived in the autumn of 2019, when Brokis began looking for new forms of presentation. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project took on a new urgency, and preparations commenced much sooner than originally planned.

The virtual villa offers architects, interior designers, and end customers a unique opportunity to view the majority of our collections under one roof, in a single villa featuring refined and timeless interiors unbound by the spatial constraints of the typical exhibition stand.

Jan Rabell, owner of Brokis‘I’m very pleased with the outcome. We took our plans to Studio Salaris in Italy, one of the world’s top lifestyle firms. It’s essential that we maintain a level of quality and professionalism in our presentations, and in the virtual world, it’s very hard to ascertain the true quality of the products being showcased. Displaying products in a virtual environment presents a serious challenge, because on a computer screen, everything looks more or less the same. That’s why we turned to renowned industry professionals who not only know how to produce beautiful renderings but are also skilled at creating the ambience and dignified presentation our products demand. It’s precisely the type of showcase that our clients have come to expect of us and that is an inseparable part of the Brokis light experience”. 

During the tour of the villa, which spans more than 900 virtual square metres across eight rooms and two outdoor terraces, you will discover more than 15 perspectives, each providing a detailed view of the unique lighting compositions, including closeups of individual lights and possible combinations and colour options together with a summary of the most important information for each collection. The intensity of the light of the individual collections is based on photometric measurements (LDT files) to ensure the virtual rendering is as realistic as possible. 

  • 8 rooms + 2 outdoor settings
  • Day and night view
  • Total size 900m²
  • 23 collections