August 28, 2022
Modern yet timeless. Extravagant in its style and use of clean geometric forms. Inspired by architecture. The Overlay collection arose from a synthesis of various materials on mood boards during a creative process that involved seeking ideas and associations between art and design, overlaying different textures, and playing with volumes. The blown transparent glass tubes instil the Overlay collection with a distinctive character, as does the unique concrete fixture embedded with shards of upcycled glass from Janštejn Glassworks.
The piece is cast in different rectangular volumes specifically for each type of light capable of accommodating both simple and multiple compositions. Cradled within the concrete fixture is a delicate sleeve of either frosted or clear glass, its centreline struck by a light tube that seemingly levitates within. The typology of the Overlay collection comprises horizontal pendant variants, table lights, and wall lights that open the door to a new realm of possibilities in lighting art.