PLANETS collection at the Moravian Gallery in Brno

March 14, 2023

The Planets collection is based on period lights and reflects the daily needs not only of customers but of architects and designers too. Thanks to a simple physical principle, the lights can be variably positioned in diverse arrangements.

The use of weights and pulleys makes it possible to quickly adjust the height of the lights, a unique system that allows the lights to be used in multiple groupings or as individual lights in the interior.

Czech designers Roman Vrtiška and Vladimír Žák began collaborating with BROKIS in 2019 with the Planets collection.

After graduating the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design (AAAD) in Prague, they joined a vibrant new generation of Czech designers noted for its broad spectrum of interests and professionalism, firmly establishing themselves as sought-after and highly respected artists.

The duo primarily pursue projects focusing on architecture, interiors, and product design.

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Now exclusively you can see the PLANETS collection
in an exhibition at the Moravian Gallery in Brno.

In their work, the design duo of Roman Vrtiška and Vladimír Žák continue the golden age of Czech postwar modernism. An age that emphasized a comprehensive understanding of design and in which artists did not make distinctions between designing objects as unalike as spoons and skyscrapers. In this sense, Vrtiška & Žák are unique representatives of their generation and are well suited to tackling projects of different scales and typological assignments. In their exhibition at the Moravian Gallery in Brno, they present a selection of collaborations with seven other companies.