Radiant projects

November 14, 2023

Come see the projects we’ve chosen for you. They include some of the most radiant compositions of our lights. 

In the Heavens Over Houston.

This remarkable project deserves but one description: masterpiece in the heavens. Explore with us the Knot collection as it rises up over the American city of Houston. A striking symbiosis of raw rope, the technologically refined perfection of handblown glass and pressed metal. Reflections of light and subtle lines… This and much more is brought vibrantly to life in the Knot collection.

Macaron On Massive Pedestal of Natural Stone

The sizes of the Macaron collection with onyx plate correspond beautifully with the earthy character of this interior by the Dutch studio Kabaz. In the space, which has been rendered in shades of grey, the uniqueness of the Macaron collection puts on a fantastical light.

Play of Light Above Dining Table

For the interior of this private villa in Czechia, the designers chose Double, a new collection from 2022. In the smoke brown variant, the composition is a apposite complement to the honey tones of the dining and living zones.

A grand assembly of Planets

One part of the flat in this late nineteenth-century eclecticist building took on new layers in the Soviet era and the wild years of the 1990s following the reestablishment of Lativa’s independence. Fortunately, the other part of the flat retained its original elements, including cornices and vaulted ceilings.

At the heart of the design lies a tasteful balance of old and new, whereby the designers from the studio OAD kept what was left of the old while introducing bold new features, giving rise to a distinctive boundary between the two parts of the flat.