Virtual projects

December 12, 2023


Come see the functional details of these exclusive virtual projects, which present the collections in realistic interiors and exteriors that underscore the beauty of each.

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Brokis sky office

Following the resounding success of the Virtual Villa and Boutique Hotel, BROKIS is building on its technological advancements and innovative solutions to showcase its award-winning lighting collections in a setting they undoubtedly belong in and form an integral part of – the modern office. In its latest project spanning more than 1,200 m2 of virtual office space, BROKIS presents 16 collections, including the latest additions to its product portfolio, Overlay, Prisma, Double, and Orbis.

Boutique hotel Brokis

Inside the hotel, you’ll have the opportunity to view 19 of our lighting collections. The presentation features not only the most popular collections in the BROKIS portfolio from earlier years but also the latest ones for 2021. The grand scale of the virtual space allows us to combine our conventional lights with the highly popular battery-powered lights.

Brokis Virtual Villa

The virtual villa offers architects, interior designers, and end customers a unique opportunity to view the majority of our collections under one roof, in a single villa featuring refined and timeless interiors unbound by the spatial constraints of the typical exhibition stand.

In the virtual projects, you can easily navigate through the interior.

The solution is very intuitive and allows users to visit different parts of the interior. The floorplan, visible on the left side of the screen, indicates where you are, and you can also freely move between rooms on the floorplan.

Selected lights can be added to a wish list, and in the window, you’ll see technical information about the given collection and can download a 3D model and apply it to your unique project.