Boutique Hotel BROKIS

A continuation of the success of our virtual villa project that we unveiled at the beginning of 2021.

The unique concept provides a realistic setting in which to showcase stunning BROKIS lighting compositions and underscore the singularity of the brand’s collections. This time, the venue is a trendy hotel complex offering several remarkable scenes, all in outstanding quality.


Project and styling by: Studio Salaris
Virtual Tour Production by: SUPREMA

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Brokis_DOME NOMAD_PC1266_PC1265__PH7489_©_Martin_Chum
BROKIS photoshoot in Kojetín
Project Canyamel
Brokis_PURO SINGLE_PURO SOLO_PC1010_PC1011_PC1012_PC1015_PC1013_PC1014_PC1122_PC1124_PC1121__PH342_©_Midi_Photography
Mana Restaurant