Night Birds


Boris Klimek

The Night Birds collection by Boris Klimek is also available in a new version suitable for exterior use.

Night Birds Exterior are identical to the original indoor collection, which was inspired by the freedom and abandon of bird flight. In order to withstand the whims of the weather, the lights have been modified to comply with the IP54 rating for exterior use, namely by enlarging and weatherproofing the positionable hand-polished dural body, which conceals a sophisticated balancing mechanism and the subtle LED light source. The bigger, more robust metal body also allows for a greater selection of light sources.

Like the original Night Birds collection, Night Birds Exterior offers three different lights, each with a different wing position, which come in either white or dark (nearly black) variants. From now on, Night Birds are as home in the elements or the dark of night as they are in the comfort of the indoors.

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