Lucie Koldova

The Orbis collection is based on a universal shape rendered in handblown glass that has been abruptly severed across the top to accommodate an elegant multiangular metal fixture. Rich in ambience yet enticingly minimalist, these new atmospheric lights embody a sense of technicism. A diffusor conceals an LED panel within the fixture and softens the light as it radiates outwards from its source, while the multiangle serves to house a special BROKIS connector engineered for easy installation and arrangement of grand lighting compositions. Additional variability is provided by a choice of subtle grey or brown smoke glass, with the metal fixture finished in a black powder coating that underscores the gloss of the transparent glass. These refined components come together to create an unmistakable interior charm well suited to large restaurant and hotel spaces as well as intimate private interiors. Now available with glass in one of several colour options, each of which is paired with metal components in a predetermined corresponding colour.

Product types
2D / 3D


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