Hotel Perk

Functionalistic hotel in Czech Republic

Following a remarkable transformation, the functionalistic landmark Hotel Perk has reopened in north-east of Czech Republic in the city Šumperk. The modern interior was designed by BROKIS art director Lucie Koldova. A playscape of light and subtle shadows that accentuate the building’s clean lines.

Explore the contemporary hotel in the foothills of Jeseníky mountains.

Formerly one of the dominant features of the cityscape, Hotel Perk has a rich history. The modern interior was designed by BROKIS art director Lucie Koldova.

In the restaurant, the collection Prisma appears in variable awe-inspiring compositions and as understated spotlights providing just the right level of illumination for dining. The main stairway, a central feature of the newly renovated hotel building, features an attractive pinkish-grey stucco finish illuminated with a combination of Orbis and Sfera lights. The building’s clean lines are brought to the forefront by a play of light and subtle accents, such as those elicited by the Orbis collection. The Overlay collection lends its diverse typology and architectonic purity to Hotel Perk, the original colour of the handblown glass taking the ambience of the space  to refined perfection.


Photo by: Martin Chum

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