Lucie Koldova

The Sfera collection, one of the mainstays of the BROKIS portfolio, comprises three shapes and several sizes Sfera lights are designed to meet the needs of projects and the architects and other professionals behind them. The sphere as a universal shape is joined by an oval in two sizes also featuring a dramatically sheared top.

The prevailing characteristic of the Sfera project light is a clean cut across the top that serves as a platform for an elegant decagonal fixture. The timeless object casts a gentle light through handblown matte opal glass, which is attached to a metal plate featuring a subtle multiangular detail. The original sphere comes in eight sizes ranging from 150 to 600 mm and thus offers a considerable degree of variability in interior installations, while a practical hexagonal BROKIS connector makes it easy to install, maintain, and clean large sets of lights as well as rearrange them without having to alter the interior. The universal beauty and simplicity of the Sfera collection mean it can be used in any space and in any number, from a single light as an elegant accent to large bespoke compositions containing various sizes and shapes.


Hotel Miura
Brera Props Showroom
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Boutique Hotel BROKIS

Family collections

Brokis_SFERA PORTABLE_PC1273_PC1271__PH7712_©_Martin_Chum
Sfera Portable
table, floor