New palette of colours

October 11, 2022

In addition to the new Overlay and Prisma collections, BROKIS has prepared new colours in its popular ORBIS and MEMORY collections. The new colour variants are already on sale, so to get a good look at them.


Orbis, a new spring collection by Lucie Koldova, has been given a more distinctive character with a palette of new colour options. The subtle tones of the glass and the bold fixture give rise to a balanced whole that captures the imagination by both day and night.

The Orbis collection works with the sphere as a universal shape and the subtly of light cast through high-quality blown smoke glass. Rich in ambience yet enticingly minimalist, these atmospheric lights embody a sense of technicism. A diffusor conceals an LED panel within the fixture and softens the light as it radiates outwards from its source, while the multiangle serves to house a special BROKIS connector engineered for easy installation and arrangement of grand lighting compositions.


There are also new colours in the popular MEMORY collection by Boris Klimek, which this year is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The collection is now available in shades of brown (triplex opal) and amber with either a matte or gloss finish. We trust that the new colour options will appeal to all lovers of minimalistic interiors. 

The Memory collection awakens the imagination and beckons back to a carefree childhood. The wall and ceiling versions in different sizes, the wide range of colour options, and a selection of finishes give this lighting experience a large degree of versatility. The illusion of inflated balloons is flawless right down to the dangling string, which serves to switch the light on and off. This is beauty in its simplest and most persuasive form. The Memory collection consists of ceiling and wall versions in three sizes. There are also sets that allow multiple lights to be combined on a single ceiling canopy.