Refined Mona

December 6, 2022

Thanks to constant technological and innovative development, the entire MONA collection has received an exceptional upgrade as well as a completely new animation that is definitely worth watching. 

The essence of the collection can be found primarily in the originality of the design and the refined combination of materials. In the last few months, the entire MONA collection has undergone a remarkable technological evolution, one that aims to please even the most discerning of clients.  

Among the main aspects of this evolution is the implementation of a connector across the entire MONA family that simplifies installation and cleaning and makes these tasks safer too. The connector itself is manufactured from a special polymer commonly used in the aerospace industry. 

Other components made of metal are CNC machined and anodized. The two processes ensure a precision fit of the structural components inside the light while adding a luxurious finish to the material. 
These new connector variants are on sale now.   

Thus the MONA collection embodies both an extraordinary aesthetic and an innovative character. This evolution makes the entire family of lights increasingly popular for large-scale development projects. Another advantage lies in the wide variety of different sizes, forms, and colour options. MONA is simply different.