The world of BROKIS in 2022 and 2023

January 19, 2023

The year 2022 was a very turbulent time for everyone, including BROKIS. In many ways, though, it was also fantastic and special. Join us for a look back on the previous year.


We were very pleased to introduce five new designs last year to light up the world you live in.  


The Prisma collection by Lucie Koldova features a robust metal fixture with elegant surface finished in galvanized or brushed steel.
Prisma collection won the Archiproducts Design Award.


Inspired by architecture, the extravagant Overlay collection by Lucie Koldova, which comprises pendent, wall, and table lights, makes use of overlapping textures. In the concrete base, sand is replaced with remnant glass fragments sand from Janštejn Glassworks.
Overlay collection won the special Archiproducts Sustainability Award.


A new collection with which to adorn your interiors is the charismatic Double by LCM Marin Design Studio. Three shapes of pendent lights that work well in larger compositions as well as independent lighting objects.
Double collection won the Archiproducts Design Award.


The Orbis collection by our art director Lucie Koldova was introduced in the spring of last year with the glass shade in either smoke grey or brown. The collection was expanded in the autumn with new glass colour options to light up the interior of your project with an unmistakable atmosphere.

Knot battery

The successful launch of our outdoor battery-powered lights was followed by an expansion of the Knot Battery collection. Now you can enjoy the advantages and unique design of a smaller battery-powered light – Knot Battery S.

BROKIS Sky Office

This third consecutive virtual project, now set in a skyscraper office overlooking Manhattan, portrays our lighting compositions as rendered by the studios Salaris and Suprema. Walk with us through this wonderful and timeless office space adorned with our new products.

Glassmaker‘s Night

Last year saw the third annual edition of this successful event on the premises of Janštejn Glassworks. Over 150 guests from all over the world joined us in celebrating Jan Rabell’s 25 years at the helm of the company. The evening culminated in a presentation of new spring and autumn lights in the very place where they are created.

Other events where BROKIS presented its lighting compositions include Designblok in Prague and an event organized in Mexico City by our client Maison Diez.


In addition to developing new lights and lighting compositions, you can be certain that collections already introduced to the market will continue to undergo continuous innovation. These exceptional improvements ensure that even the earlier collections, such as Mona, will enjoy years of technological sustainability.

3D warehouse

To enhance the process of working with our lights in designing interior and exterior spaces, we created a new 3D library for use with the program SketchUp.


Another of the technological innovations from last year is TRIMLESS, a mechanism that guarantees correct installation of pendent lights without the need for a ceiling canopy.


Ecological sustainability was also an important topic for us in the previous year. An example is the transformation through upcycling of remnant glass fragments into BROKISGLASS panels. Remnant glass is also incorporated in concrete products and components for our lights in the form of glass dust and glass sand.  

Brokis in 2023

No doubt 2023 will have plenty of surprises and inspiration too.

In addition to creative collaboration with our current designers, BROKIS has begun working with new ones as well, so again you’ll have new and exciting products to look forward to.

EUROLUCE 18 – 23 April 2023 

One of the locations we’ll be presenting our new spring products at is Milan. In addition to new products we’ve introduced in recent years, you’ll get to see firsthand our latest collections as well as innovative solutions in our lighting compositions.

Another new item, this one slated for release in the spring of 2023, is an exclusive concept publication entitled Materiality. Presented by our art director Lucie Koldova, it depicts BROKIS as a company that takes great pride in incorporating a variety of different materials in its lighting compositions. It also contains space for our latest collections, both those you’ve already had a chance to get to know and those that are still in development.

We look forward to being able to introduce many new projects to you throughout the year, and we will be providing you with regular updates about them.

Here’s to a great year!